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The fascinating, but unnoticed part of the world of translations

Have you ever thought about how often you come in contact with translations in the course of just one day? No matter whether you are reading the instructions for your new DVD player, your favourite detective story or the annual balance of one of your subsidiaries overseas. If you are reading it in your mother tongue it is most likely a translation. Translations are an unacknowledged, but nevertheless considerable part of our everyday lives. A translation of the best quality is not necessarily recognisable as such because it can be read effortlessly. As far as the language is concerned, it is formulated fluently and the sentences are arranged logically. You can only recognise a translation as such when it is badly done. Or how many times have you tried in despair to work out what the operating instructions of a seemingly simple mixer are actually trying to tell you? How often have you had a little grin over some of the unintentionally funny sentences in a web site you have come across?

The world is full of translations. In Europe alone, millions of pages a year are translated. So it's not easy to find a reliable supplier of high-quality translations, especially a translation supplier who is also capable of offering a reasonable price. Maybe you have been lucky this time, and found what you were looking for in us.

Could you tell if this was the original text or a translation?