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Every translation consists of the source language (original text) and the target language (translation).

Our fee for the translation depends on the size, urgency and difficulty of the original text as well as the language combination chosen. It is our aim to calculate the price as fast and as simply as possible, and therefore we use the original text as the basis for the quote. If you would like, you can calculate the price for your translation with our Quick Calculator, or you can send your text to us via e-mail for an estimate. Requesting a quote does not oblige you to make an order.

The price is based on the number of words or lines in the original text and includes:

  • translation by a professional translator whose mother tongue is the target language
  • proofreading and corrections to the style of the translation by a second expert
  • on-time delivery via e-mail, fax or post

If required, we can also proofread our completed translations for publishing purposes, e.g. with Adobe Acrobat software before they are sent for printing and publishing. Such additional proofreading and the corresponding hourly rate will be agreed on in advance.

Our minimum fee is 35 Euros. We gladly grant special rates for large orders or for regular assignments.